Your Guide on
How to
Brew, Buy and Store

Your Loose Leaf Tea

As your Tea Spy I invite you to come along with me and explore Loose Leaf Tea.

Find out just how to brew loose leaf tea. Not only that, discover how to best store loose leaf and buy your loose leaf.

If your new to Loose Leaf, don't be intimidated. I have provided proven steps to get you where you will be making a pot like a pro.

Learning how will insure you will enjoy a great cup each time you brew.

You may even learn if you prefer a green, white, black or oolong tea. It might even be a blended loose leaf tea served over ice.

Ready?...By sampling varieties of exquisite loose leaves you will begin a lifelong journey through exotic lands and cultures...But

Before you plug in your electric kettle, or put the water on to need to prepare.

Knowledge is a powerful thing. The best way to get the most out of any new experience is to find a how to guide. Before too long you will know how to brew loose leaf tea, store it and buy what you like.

Through experiance I have found that the most expensive is not always to my liking. Don't be afraid to try, no matter the cost. Just buy a little loose leaf tea, you will find it goes a long way.

My goal is to help you along in experiencing new things in the world of Loose Leaf Tea. I am not an expert by any means, more self taught. What I am sharing with you is what I have learned along the way.

Knowledge, it simply maximizes the experience.

As your Loose Leaf Tea Spy, my goal is to expose you to the many different varieties that come from one amazing plant.The Camellia sinensis...Also...

I want you to know how to brew, buy and store your selection of loose leaf tea.

Along the way you can find out the many health benefits discovered about this leafy brew.

I invite you to enjoy the following pages. Use them as a means of discovery to enhance your relationship with such a global drink as Tea.


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