Loose Leaf Tea Spy Celebrates Iced Tea Month!

Volume 1 Issue 2

This is the second edition of L.L. Tea Spy Newsletter, and I wanted to remind everyone that June is Iced Tea Month.

Many may think that Ice Tea is an American drink. Well let’s just say we love our cold brewed tea. But we are not the only ones enjoying brewed tea leaves served over ice.

Canadians drink this cold brew too. If you’re in Canada and order iced tea it will most likely be a sweetened brew. Many times it will be served with lemon.

Japanese are into iced tea. They consume it mainly from bottles and cans. They tend to stick with the green and oolong types of tea.

In Italy iced tea is very popular, and tend to be flavored with lemon or peach flavored brews. Apple is another favorite flavor.

Chinese are coming around to the idea of Iced Tea. They either drink it bottled or brew a very strong tea and add a lot of ice. The type of tea used runs the camment, from black, green and oolong. Let's not forget Herbals as well!

In the United States 85% of tea drink is Iced Tea. If your down south count on it being sweet. Moving toward the northern states tend to be on the unsweet side. But just about anywhere you go, you will be able to order it both ways.

So take advantage of the warm months ahead, spend a little time outside with a tall glass of Iced Tea within arm’s reach.


Want To Brew Iced Tea From Loose Leaves?

It's easy! Just go over to Loose Leaf Tea Spy's Brewing Tea and check-out how to brew your favorite tea to turn into an iced variety. As a rule of thumb, just let the tea cool down a little before adding ice. Store the leftovers in ice box for a quick refill.