Review of Adagio Golden Monkey Black Tea

This black tea called Golden Monkey from Adagio was not picked by Monkeys. It gets its name from the way the leaves are shaped. They are shaped like a monkeys arm and hand You may be able to see it in the picture below.

What is so cool about the leaves is that they are a tan color and graduate to a black. They also have a fuzzy like appearance that adds character to the leaves. This goes away once brewed.

Golden Monkey Tea

Now back to the tea.

When I first open any new package of tea I love to breath in the aroma. This Golden Monkey loose leaf filled my nose with the smell of caramels. I could not wait to try it. The first sip was not disappointing. I settled in and enjoyed sip after sip until my cup was empty.

The aroma of the brewed leaves was even more pleasant it continued to give off that caramel scent with a background note of apples.

The brew in the cup was also inviting. Found the color of the liquor to be medium amber.

The taste was smooth not bitter at all. With each sip I tasted the sweet caramel flavor with that hint of apple.

You will find that this tea comes from the Fujian Province of China. It is picked each spring. One leaf and bud, carefully plucked then hand processed into a tasty tea.

This is a wonderful brew for any special occasion, or not. It could even be a cold snowy day outside. Let this loose leaf transport you to a crisp fall day filled with the smells of fresh caramel apples. Worthy of a try on a cold snowy day, a great pick me up.

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