Adagio, Assam Melody a black tea that puts music in your mouth?

Had to say it, you know music, melody, anyway lets get back to the brew.

This Assam Melody from Adagio is a great way to introduce one to the tea leaves that grows in the region its named after.

When I first opened the bag I was hit with a wonderful aroma of sweet caramel. Could not wait to get the kettle on.

Assam Tea

After boiling the water I steeped the leaves for 5 minutes. Found the color to be a dark amber and the aroma was very inviting. Smelled slightly malty.

My tasting partner said he found it to be what he considered a light black brew. He is very fond of darker brews like Irish and Scottish Breakfasts. He found it also to be light in taste with a touch of sweetness. Has a clean flavor with little to no bitterness. Felt the brew stood up well with a little sugar and cream.

I too found this to be a light tasting black, with sweet malty undertones. I noticed it to be dark Amber in color. Found the brew to be smooth with little to no astringency. Adding a little cream did not take away from the flavor. I like my teas to be more on the light side compared to my tasting partner, so I thoroughly enjoyed this one from India.

I found if you like it a bit more brisk, just add a few more leaves to steep.

Great For Loose Leaf Newbie’s

This a great way to introduce someone, who is new to loose leaf Blacks. It is because of its mellow taste and low astringency level, that this is referred to as the friendly Assam

Take time to enjoy a great cupper

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