Assam Tea: A Black Loose Leaf Tea
Changing Tea Drinking Habits.

What makes Assam Tea so unique?

The region of Assam in India itself! The tea is basically grown in a large tropical river valley. This growing region lies on either side of the Brahmaputra River.

During the monsoon season this area of India can get up to 10 to 12 inches of rain a day. Daytime temperatures can reach 103 F (40 c).

This creates a greenhouse like effect over the area. These tropical conditions gives the Assam Tea leaves a unique malty flavor along with a strong briskness that sets it apart from others.

The Assam region is one of two areas in the world with native tea plants. This plant's name is Camellia sinensis var. span>assamica.

China is the other region, with the name of Camellia sinensis var sinensis.

This region produces the largest quantity of Tea in India, making it cheaper and more accessible to everyone.

Because of its ease of accessibility and it's low price, it revolutionized tea drinking habits in the 19th century.

Today's Tea Drinker Is Looking For Something More

The Assam region also produces a premium quality of leaf as well. Recently more tea gardens are working on improving their quality of leaf produced...Why?

Reason...The demand for a quality leaf for loose leaf tea is increasing; this trend shows no signs of slowing in the near future.

Since a premium leaf will fetch a higher market price, more growers are looking at ways to improve quality. This not only benefits us with a better quality brew, but also benefits the tea gardens of Assam as well.

So if you love Black Tea try an Assam single leaf or a blended leaf (ex: English Breakfast) for your next cuppa.


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