Loose Leaf Black Tea
Speeds Up Stress Relief

The stress relief benefits of black tea are surprising. So how does it work?

I had not realized the benefits of loose leaf black tea until after reading about a study done at the University College London.

I had been drinking at least 2 cups a day, replacing my morning coffee. I had done this for about six months before reading the study.

Here is what clicked with me.

I work part time in a very fast paced medical office, and at times deal with very stressful situations while multitasking. There were days I felt my head would explode, except for the past six months. I felt more in control when dealing with stressful situations, and was able to move onto the next task with more ease.

After reading the study it all made since, see what I mean by checking below.

The article was entitled "Black Tea Soothes Away Stress"

To put things in a nutshell, this was a study done at the University College London and here is a quick view of the results.

In this study two groups of tea drinking men were used. They gave up their tea, coffee and other caffeinated drinks during this.

One group drank a caffeinated beverage that had no active tea ingredients in it. The other group was given a fruit-flavored caffeinated tea that had all the components of black tea. These two groups drink their concoctions four times a day for six weeks.

loose leaf black tea

After six weeks each group underwent a stressful situation, during this time their blood pressure, cortisol levels and self-related studies were measured.

Then fifty minutes later their cortisol levels were rechecked. The group that had the fruit tea with the tea components added showed a 47 percent drop in their levels. The fake tea group only showed a 27 percent drop.

It was always thought that the act of sitting down and taking the time to drink a cup of tea was what relaxed one.

The catechins, polyphenols, flavonoids and amino acids affect the neurotransmitters in the brain.

Now this study shows that it is the actual components found in black tea that helps to ease the health risk of a stressful lifestyle. Helping one to recover sooner by bringing the stress hormones back to normal quicker.

This is a good way to keep your heart healthy and your waist line thinner.

This study and my own personal experience has make me see the many health benefits that are associated with tea. I am a big advocate of loose leaf.

Why? My first reason for switching was the taste. Upon learning more about this wonderful brew and its health benefits, this alone convinced me to drop the teabag for good.

OK you got me. I still use them occasionally. Sometimes you just go with what is handy.

But if you want to receive a bigger dose of stress reducing tea choose loose leaf. Whole is always better, that is why you spell wholesome with whole. Alright I will stop!

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