Loose Leaf Breakfast Tea, Your Great Morning Brew, Why?

Breakfast tea is a blend of loose leaves that when combined give the drinker a sense of something robust, yet smooth.

To fully wake up in the early morning hour you need a brew that will awaken the taste buds. With your taste buds awake your whole body is, helping you get ready to face the day.

Can a Cup of Brewed Black Do That?

YES! Here Why:

All teas have unique properties. Unlike most caffeine beverages. The caffeine found in the Camellia sinensis leaves has the ability to give you a sustain alertness, without the jitters that is followed by a cash once the caffeine wears off.

These amazing leaves are able to do all that and still give you a calm feeling during your day.

28:365 a Cup of tea?

A Calm Feeling, How?

There is an amino acid in the leaves of the Camellia sinensis called theanine. This is responsible for keeping a person in an alert state of mind, at the same time remaining calm and relaxed.

But not in a dozing off type of relaxed. It's a type of relaxed that helps you to stay focused on your tasks at hand. This in turn improves your efficiency and productivity.

What is unique about this is that there is only one source to get this theanine. That is through tea leaves. The only other source is a poisonous mushroom. OK, Just Tea Please!

I would like to introduce you to some of my favorite morning brews. Some of them you may have tried, others you may not.

Or if you are looking for an alternative to your regular morning brew, please check out the teas below.

Adagio Teas

is one place to find a great English Breakfast Tea

or try there Irish Breakfast Tea

for a great morning cup. Go ahead add the sugar and cream. They can take it.

If your into organic try these from MightyLeaf.com

Here is a great one: Organic Breakfast 3 Pack Saver (3-15 pouch boxes)

or try this ML English Breakfast Organic Black Tea Tin

for a great wake me up.