Breast Cancer, Could Tea Reduce Your Risk?

Breast cancer is something every women thinks about.

So could drinking 3 or more cups a day reduce your risks?

Many studies have been done on teas effect on cancer. This disease is one that affects many. In recent years the survival rate is increasing. There is still more that each of us can do to help to prevent cancer.

One is a healthy lifestyle. Exercise is one and eating well. What we drink is important also.

Many have turned to tea. Because of this supermarkets are carrying many different types, but they are the bagged varieties.

When eating healthy we are encouraged to eat whole foods. So when it comes to teas, why not try a loose leaf?


Green Tea Studied the Most

It is known to be rich in catechin polyphenols, or also known as epigallocaechin gallate (EGCG for the short). EGCG is a powerful antioxidant and these leaves have a higher concentration of EGCG than other teas. Why?
This is due to the minimal process used to produce these leaves. These are not oxidized like a black or oolong, which changes the EGCG in these particular teas. This is what sets green apart from the others, the minimal processing.
More on Green Tea here.

China and Japan

Green is the most popular tea in China and Japan. Studies have found that women there have the lowest rate of breast cancer. There are thousands of studies published that verify the health-promoting properties found in green tea.

The one thing is the free radical antioxidants that fight off cancer cells are high in tea, with green being the highest. Green tea being the least processed of all teas.

Try A White Tea

There is one leaf that has not gotten a lot of attention! What about White tea? It two is very minimally processed less processed than green tea and is known to have an even high level of EGCG, cancer killing antioxidants.

Learn more about White Tea

I am not toting Tea as the cure all. But with everything in moderation along with a healthy diet and lifestyle a person can reduce their risk for any sort of disease, including Breast Cancer.

Want a little more information? Check out a few books listed below that could be informative.

Check out a few books on cancer and tea

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