Brewing Tea, Chai Tea - Its Aroma of Spices Will Excite.

Brewing tea, Chai tea will require some basic ingredients. This is what you will need:

Good quality loose leaf tea


(at least 4)




Most Chai’s are made with a Black, Green, or a combination of both. Depending on what type of tea you choose make sure to following the brewing tea guidelines.

Temperature and time guidelines for brewing black tea
Temperature and time guidelines for brewing green tea

Brewing Chai Tea Two Different Ways!

For a full flavored Chai tea follow these steps.

Place the loose leaf tea of your choice along with the spices of your choice in cold water. Bring the water to the appropriate temperature as to the type of tea being used. Brew the leaves and spices together for the right amount of time according to the type of tea chosen.

If you prefer a stronger Chai tea brew for a longer period of time. A good guideline is to brew no longer than 7 minutes on the average, and no less that 3 minutes.

Then add your choice of sweetener and milk or cream. Of course these last two items are optional

For a lighter flavored Chai tea follow these steps.

Brew the loose leaf tea of your choice according to the brewing guidelines. Just before brewing time is up, add the spices to make your Chai tea.

Then if you prefer add your milk or cream and sweetener

Both ways will give you a wonderful spiced tea.

As your Loose Leaf Tea Spy my goal is to provide guidelines to get you started. Experiment with the different types of spice and teas to find your favorite.

To learn more about Chai Tea, click here.
For brewing chai

here are a few tea press pots to help you out.


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