Step-by-Step Approach to Brewing
Tea...Loose Leaf Green Tea

Like I said before brewing tea is not rocket science. Relax, even if you don't like the results the first time...just try again.

By following the simple guidelines on the Brewing Tea page, plus the ones listed below, your will be enjoying a delicious up of tea.

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Basic Brewing Methods

To brew a cup of green tea, here are some standard guidelines.

Water Temperature

170 F - 180 F

77 C- 82 c

Here is a description of what the water should look like at this temperature.

"Column of Steam Steadily Rising"

This means there should be a visable column of steam rising from the water surface.

Steeping time for green tea.

2 - 3 Minutes

Be careful not to scorch the leaves...

If the leaves are scorched, you could end up with a very astringent cup of tea.

To avoid this pour the water down the side of your brewing container. This will help to temper the leaves. Once done then cover the leaves with the appropriate amount of water per number of cups you are brewing.

Then brew

One more important note. Always cover your leaves during the steeping time. This will allow the leaves to unfurl giving you the full potential of flavor and aroma.

After, if the amount brewed is more than what you can drink in one cup? Pour the extra into a warmed teapot to keep it from steeping any futher. Then set back, relax and enjoy.

Side Notes

These tea leaves can be steeped or infused several times. Generally you want to use slightly warmer water. Not to exceed the 180 F or 82 C temperature. Plus increase the steeping time to about a minute longer than the previous steeping. That is if you are steeping a 3rd of 4th time.

If your are brewing the spring green teas, these tend to carry a bit of down in the leaves. If you find it unpleasant, simple give them a quick rise with fresh water. Then brew

Just something to keep in mind also...These are general guidelines. You will find that when buying from a reputable tea shop, whether online or at your neigborhood tea shop, they will include instruction for brewing the particular type of tea you've bought.

Brewing Tea Basics
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