Brewing Tea, Herbal Tea For It's Health Benefits!

To brew a pot of Herbal Tea, follow the same basic guidelines for brewing tea. Start with fresh cold water at the right temperature. Infuse for the right amount of time for the leaves

For the basics in brewing please check out this brewing tea page
b>Things to Keep in Mind when Brewing Herbal Tea

When brewing, remember that unlike loose leaf variety [which consist of a uniform leaf], this brew is made from plant parts of various sizes. This requires different brewing times, so make adjustment when necessary.

To brew a cup of Herbal Tea, here are some standard guidelines.

Water Temperature

200 F - 210 F

93 C- 100 c

Here is a description of what the water should look like at this temperature.

"Turbulent Waters"

This means a full rolling boil. When this happens the water becomes fully oxygenated.

Once the water has come to the right temperture, pour it over your herbs.

Steeping time for Herbal Tea.

5 to 10 Minutes

If you want a stronger tea you can infuse the herbs for 4 hours or even overnight.

Generally when making herbal tea use 2 rounded teaspoons to 6 to 8 ounces of water. Then again like I have said, “You know what you like. Don't be afraid to make you own adjustments...It's OK!"

What If I'm Using Roots and Berries?

If you are using these elements to make an Herbal Tea, it needs more time in the water. This is called a "Decoction".

What is a Decoction - I had to look this one up. Basically this is what it simmer (never boil) the roots and berries for up to 30 minutes. This allows the extraction of the flavors or essence from the roots and berries. Many times this is done for medicinal purpose

A Herbal Sampler

is the best way to introduce yourself to herbals.

Looking for more information on decoctions. Learn more here.

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