Brewing Tea, Rooibos Loose Leaf For Your Health.

Follow the steps below for that lovely cup of Rooibos...

Here are a few guidelines to brewing a cup of Rooibos (or) Honey Bush.

Water Temperature

190 F - 200 F

88 C- 93 c

Here is what the water should look like at this temperature.

"String of Pearls"

What does a "string of pearls" look like in water?

This is when the water almost comes to a boil. You will see tiny bubbles appear to loop near the perimeter of your kettle or pot.

The Brewing Time

These leaves look like little needles and are to steep for 5 minutes. Like with any new teas I generally follow the instruction given by the manufacture first, then make adjustments later.

Don't feel you have to stick with the instructions given. If the flavor is to strong or weak for your palate, make adjustments. This beverage is for your enjoyment. Never settle, experiment. That's what is so cool about loose leaf.


Try a Organic Rooibos

for a caffeine-free brew.

Rooibos Sampler

Rooibos Sampler

"Discover the world of difference between supermarket tea and the gourmet varieties found in this set. A nice introduction to the red teas of South Africa. Six tins in total, one ounce apiece."

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