Easy Steps to Brewing Tea,
Loose Leaf Yellow
To Stimulate Your Senses!

So as to brewing tea, yellow tea, the techniques are not readily available. But, here are a few simple tips to follow.

This tea is very similar to White, so we are going to barrow a few tips from brewing Whites. The reason for this is because Yellow is processed very much like White Tea. The exception to the Men Huan Step use in processing this sweet brew

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Brewing Tea Basics

Read about the Men Huan Step

To brew a cup of Loose Leaf Yellow Tea, here are some standard guidelines.

Water Temperature

170 F - 180 F

77 C- 82 c

Here is a description of what the water should look like at this temperature.

"Column of Steam Steadily Rising"

This means there should be a visable column of steam rising from the water surface.

Steeping time should range from 1 to 3 minutes. Remember to steep loose leaves according to you personal taste. Just make sure you do not pour boiling water over the leaves, they are tender and will scald.

If it does not turn out to your liking the first time rebrew and adjust you steeping time

Thing to Keep in Mind When Brewing Loose Leaf Yellow

If Loose Leaf Yellow Tea is brewed too long, it can have a bitter aftertaste, very important when deciding how long to steep. Just something to keep in mind.

Do not be afraid to develop your own process of brewing yellow tea...go ahead experiment. Keep this mind when brewing this tea, there are no hard and fast rules. It's ok to vary from the guidelines, just not too far.

The loose leaf yellow can be steeped a number of times. Each subsequent steeping should be steeped a little longer than the previous pots.

Since the tea can become bitter if steeped to long, remember to only brewing what you can drink in one sitting. If you have extra, keep a warm teapot close to pour the excess into for later pleasure.

Yellow leaves need room to open up and release their essence, a press pot.

works great for this.

Types of Loose Leaf Tea

Learn About Loose Leaf Yellow Tea

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