Easy Guide to Brewing Tea.

Brewing tea is not like rocket science; no need to sign up for a special class. Many of us simply brew tea the way our mother taught us. There is nothing wrong with this...really.

BUT...if you are wanting to brew a cup of loose leaf tea, you may want to check this out.

First Rule of Brewing Tea

Brewed tea is 99% water, if you won't drink the water, don't brew your tea in it...

The water needs to be cold and fresh. It can be from your personal tap, or spring water from a bottle.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

1) Heat your water to the temperature recommended by the type of tea your brewing

2) Black and oolong tea; these are highly oxidized tea leaves. So...the darker the leaves the higher water temperature needed to release the tea

3) White and green leaves are lighter in color. So...the water must be at a lower temperature

4) Tea will brew and taste better when the vessel is covered during steeping. This allows the leaves to open freely releasing its full tasting potential.

To brew loose leaf tea, fancy equipment is not needed. Keep it simple, uncomplicated.

This is the basics:

Kettle to heat the water

Teapot or Press Pot for brewing the leaves

Strainer if using a Teapot to strain the leaves

Your favorite cup for personal sipping pleasure

Pretty simple...but one more thing when brewing loose leaf tea.

Do Not Use A Tea Ball!!!

Here's why...

Remember...the leaves need to float around in the water. This will allow the leaf to open up and release its aroma and flavor.

To begin your tea tasting journey just click on the type of tea you are currently wanting to brew.You will find instructions on just how to brew your specific tea.


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