Your Next Morning Brew
Yunnan China Black Tea

This could be your next go to morning tea, Yunnan China Black. Worthy of a try.

Yunnan black also goes by the name of Dian Hong.

Dian is the short name for the region of Yunnan, where the leaves are grown for this lovely brew.

Hong simply means red.

Most of the world simple refers higher oxidized teas as black. In China they call these brews red, because the true color of the liquor is a deep red.

Pour it into a white tea cup and you will notice the brassy orange-red liquor. Sip it and you will find a malty sweet, smooth flavor that slides warmly down your throat. Yunnan teas have little to no astringency, so you get the grassy malty flavors coming through with little to no bit for the finish.

yunnan black tea

The China Yunnan region produces some of the most interesting and flavorsome teas. They are typically made from the buds, which are plucked from older tea bushes. Some of these bushes being at least 100 years old or more.

These teas are easily recognizable. They may consist of buds only, or long slightly twisted russet brown leaves along with golden buds.

Give these teas a try and you will find them to be a flavorsome addition to your tea collection.

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