Chinese Black Tea Should Not Be
Overlooked Especially As Loose Leaf.

It has been said that Chinese Black Tea is superb. Some have gone to the point of saying it's even seductive in taste.

OK, now that I have your attention?

The people of China were the first to figure out how to make Black Tea. Simple put without China and the people we would not have tea.

They were the first to figure out how to process the leaves so they could be brewed into a wonderful drink.

What makes this black tea unique?

The Chinese have a unique way of withering and oxidizing the leaves. The wither time is longer, which helps to bring out the flavor of the leaf.

This is carried through to the oxidation process, which also is longer and slower. By doing this it concentrates the flavor and cuts down on the astringency of the brew.

Kung fu this is the name given to the highest grade of tea. To have kung fu grade level means it took extraordinary skill to manufacter these leaves.

This care and skill starts at the time the leaf is plucked, to sorting, and this same skill is taken during all the steps of processings.

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