Darjeeling Tea, The Champagne Of Loose Leaf

If brewed properly you will enjoy a light-colored liquor with a hint of floral notes. It can be slightly astringent with a muscatel flavor, which is also known as a musky spicy flavor.

Even though this tea is classified as a black variety, it could be called an oolong. Why? It is only oxidized to less than 90%. A black is oxidized to 90% or more. Hum interesting.

Darjeeling with milk or without

The gardens are planted with both the China and Assam varieties of camellia sinensis plants. Elevations also plays a key role in the tea. Gardens may be at an elevation of 1,800 to 6,300 above sea level.

Due to the higher elevation these gardens tend to produce smaller yields, when compared to gardens at lower elevations.

This higher elevations results in a shorter growing season producing a smaller leaf. These smaller leaves are not short on flavor. If anything the flavors are more concentrated. This gives the Darjeeling a unique flavor profile.

Buying Darjeeling Tea

A true Darjeeling is sold with the tea estate's name on it, along with what seasonal flush the tea is from.

Just like a true Champagne can only come the Champagne region of France. Darjeeling tea can only come from the region of India bearing it's name. If looking to purchase, make sure it has the official government tea logo on the package.

This reason for this is that the demand for the unique leaf is more that what can be produced each year. The amount is less than 1% of the tea production in India. Care is needed when purchasing a true Darjeeling.

Many companies will pass other leaves off as being this superb leaf, since demand is high.

So be careful when buying, and enjoy this champagne of teas.

Here is a 2nd flush, Organic Darjeeling from the California Tea House. This is a USDA organically certified Darjeeling. It has a natural aroma of fruit and muscat for those who love dessert wine.

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