Loose Leaf Herbal Tea To Reduce Stress...Increased Energy!

Drinking a loose leaf Herbal Tea (tisane) could be a solution to the afternoon slump, or for anytime you may need a boost.


If mid-afternoon finds you reaching for that quick fix of caffeine and sugar. Even when you know the results: a quick burst quickly followed by a downward crash that leaves you drained for the rest of the day.

It's no wonder we all live very busy stressful lives, with eating on the run. This can all have an affect on our energy levels.

It's important to take a moment...heat some water and brew a cup of herbal tea.

Do I Have To Drink It Hot?


Herbals are also delicious iced. Just follow the standard brewing instructions for your favorite tea and let it cool, then add ice. Better yet...brew ahead of time...store in fridge at work for that mid-afternoon quick pick-me-up.

Here are a few of the Herbs you could look for when purchasing an Herbal tea.

Ginseng has the ability to calm nerves and increase your get up and go, along with increased mental capabilities.

is great for all over stress relief. If your nerves are frazzled catnip can sooth them and ease your anxiety.

Chamomile can help with muscle pain often times associated with tension. It has a calming effect if under severe stress, helping you to cope.

Peppermint this is great for boosting your energy levels and easing your inner tension. It will do this without sleepy side effects.

Oatstraw with its sweet wholesome taste that will regularly fight off fatigue giving you that must needed afternoon boost.

Find your favorites and what works best for you.


Learn more about herbal tea here

Not only will herbal tea soothe our souls but it can reduce our stress, relax our muscles, reduce our cholesterol, give us more energy, boost our brain power, enhance our digestion, strengthen our ligaments and joints, decrease our blood pressure, and improve our sleep. Learn more at Namas Natural Remedies for Health

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