Japanese Green Tea

Japan is known for it's Green Tea. They have a unique way of processing the leaves.

They steam the leaves after they are picked. This steaming can last for half a minute to longer. This changes the chlorophyll in the leaves. It creates more of a vegetable taste, like spinach, even kelpie to some.

The longer the leaf is steamed the deeper the color and vegetable taste.

A Loose Leaf Japanese Green.

In the 18th century, Soen Nagatani came up with the method of steaming and rolling the fresh leaf.

This technique is used even today to produce a loose leaf. The names of these teas are Sencha, Bancha, and Gyokuro.

You can recognize this tea by it's thin needle shaped leaves. In the beginning these were hand rolled.

Today these shapes are achieved by machine with paddles. These paddles move the tea back and forth over ridges made of metal, all the while heat is being applied. This gives the leaves a needle shape.

There are teas that are mixed with toasted brown rice. Generally these are the Sencha and Bancha loose leafs giving these brews a toasty nutty flavor.

Japan's Green Powder Tea, Matcha.

This was once compressed into cakes, but today you can get it in powder form. You can buy it in a sealed tin or a vacuumed packed foil. Both ways preserves the flavor of this brew.

Prices can vary depending on what grade you are buying. There is the ceremonial grade used for the Chanoyu Tea Ceremony. All the the way to a culinary grade use in cooking. Every hear of Green Tea Ice Cream or there is even recipes for cookies, cakes, bread, and even sauces.

Buying Japanese Tea By Regions?

You cannot purchase these green brews by regions. Why? Japan produces blended teas; this gives their teas a more consistent flavor. There are Master Blenders whose job it is to maintain the flavor profiles for each type of tea.

Flex your tastbuds and give these blends a try.


Chinese green tea

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