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Their very first taste of this variety is often of an inferior quality. Many times brewed at a water temperature that is too high.

Avoid this by following the simple, basic instructions for brewing any loose leaf tea.

Step-by-step guide to brewing Loose Leaf.
For specifics on brewing Greens check out the link listed below.

loose green tea

There is no limit to its variety, complexity and uniqueness. More choices are being offered every day. The best way to find a favorite is to try the different varieties.

One thing to keep in mind is this, green tea usually is not astringent. But...there are exceptions, a few varieties can be astringent. (suck your cheeks in astringent). So get with a reputable tea merchant, they will help you choose one to best suite your taste buds.

There are Chinese and Japanese Teas.

The Chinese teas are lighter and less intense. They tend to have a vegetable flavor, similar to green beans, or steamed leeks. These can also have a sweetness, much like that found in carrots or even honey.

Where the sweetness comes from is the fields. The best tea is hand-harvested in the spring. These leaves are hand-plucked within a 14 day period.

Many believed that the spring leaves also have more antioxidants.

The reason is because the plant sends out more polyphenols to protect the plant from bugs. Health benefits are always a positive. On the other hand Japanese greens have an intensely green color. You will notice they are not as light as the Chinese. They have a heavier vegetable type broth, reminding you of steamed spinach, or even sautéed green bell peppers.

Tea makers in Japan have pretty much adhered to the same method of tea production. Most Japanese tea makers still following the 1,000 year tradition of milling the tea into Matcha powder (a green powdered tea). Recently some have broken away from this tradition and have developed the Sencha leaf-rolling method. This was invented in 1740.

So whether it's a cup of Chinese or Japanese Green, find a reputable tea house. Purchase what smells the best to you and enjoy.

One of the best ways to try different types tea is through a sampler. There are 6 types of brew in this Green Sampler

, to taste and pick your favorite.


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