Review of Gunpowder Tea from Adagio.

As I was drinking this Gunpowder Tea from Adagio, many thoughts were going through my mind as to how to go about the review of this green brew.

First off I enjoy this brew very much, not only in the pleasure of sipping it, but also knowing of it's many health benefits. That gave me a feeling of emotional and physical satisfaction.

Here is what the Gunpowder leaves look like

Gunpowder Green Tea

This Green Tea is from the Guangdong Province of China. The leaves are hand rolled into tiny pellets. The name came from the sailors who would transport the tea on their ships. It looks like the gunpowder that was used on the ships, the name just stuck.

When you brew the leaves in a glass press pot you can see them open up. What you have once brewed is a full leaf. So Cool.

Remember you can re-brew these for at least two or three times more. When you do you will notice subtle changes in the flavor that can be pleasing.

When first opening the bag of Gunpowder Tea I noticed a slight earthy vegetable aroma with hints of grassy notes. After brewing the leaves the vegetable aroma became slightly stronger.

With my first sip I detected a hint of smokiness with the vegetable flavor following. It was not too powerful, that is the vegetable taste. Each steeping brought about a sweetness along with the veggie flavor. Love this for a green tea.

This also goes great with a squeeze of lemon and a little sugar

checkout what others have said regarding this great brew.

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