Teas Health Benefits
Moves This Beverage To the Top!

Looking for healthier beverage choices, ready to drop the colas and artificial sweeten drinks?

Yi shi wei liao.

A Chinese proverb

Translation:Let food be medicine.

Drinking it iced on a hot day or steaming hot on a cold day. This beverage is rising to the occasion.

A Few Health Claims of Tea

When you read ancient Chinese writings regarding this beverage, it is in regards to the loose leaf varieties. The attributes of the beverages are extremely varied.

Here are a few of them:

Stimulates clear thinking.

Helps blood circulation in all body parts.

Prevents tooth decay.

Drives away depression and fatigue

Gives a person a sense of well-being

By replacing colas and other sweeten drinks with your favorite variety of tea; you will be drinking to your health...How?

This leafy drink contains no artificial sweeteners, contains no calories. That is unless you use sugar.

Below are a list of web pages and sites that have posted research information on the Health Claims of Tea...

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