Discover Herbal Teas To Reduce
Stress And Anxiety, or Improve Energy!

Loose Leaf Tea Spy, I can't leave Herbal Teas out...Why? Simply because they have their benefits!

Let me introduce you to how the different combinations of herbs can relieve anxiety, reduce stress, or boost your energy.

Want an energy boost without the crash of most energy drinks. These brews could be your answer. Remember you can enjoy this beverage hot or cold, depending on the weather.

Now you may be asking, is Herbal, a tea or not?..Well...Let's start by saying these brews are special.

Generally they are referred to a tisane, meaning herbal infusion. They do not contain the leaf from the Camellie sinensis tree. So based on that, they are not.

But...what is tea? Technically all are herbal.

Reason...any tree leaf, plant or shrub that gives off an aroma, flavor or therapeutic ability can be referred to as herbal.

What's in Herbal Tea?

This brew consists of a variety of plant parts. These parts can include leaves, flowers, and at times even the roots and bark.

This raises another question...Why do some contain ingredients that are known as spices...? Good question.

First let's find out what makes an herb, an herb, and a spice, a spice...

An herb tends to come from the leaf or flowery part of a plant. A spice on the other hand is from the seeds, roots, bark, or fruit of a plant.

These teas in some cases can contain both, depending on the type of blend. For the most part this brew will contain more of the leaves and flowers of a plant, then a spice. So based on that they can be called herbal

Also as a rule of thumb, herbal tea is light in flavor, delicate and subtle. When you start adding more spices I think of Chai. A warm hardy brew.

As your Loose Leaf Tea Spy, I feel herbals have their place in the world of tea, if for the health benefits alone... it's worth a look...So

If you're looking for a way to boost your energy, or shake off the daily stress, or more...check out the links below to see what combination may work for you...

Please check back for updates...coming soon!

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