Intriguing History of Tea Is Worth A Read!

The history of tea is amazing.

Today we seem to be more connected with the foods we eat and what we drink. You can go to just about anycountry and experience their cuisine and you will find a common beverage, Tea.

No other beverage has touched so many cultures.

Women picking Tea

When you look at its history you will see why this is the second beverage next to water in popularity.

This beverage has been around for over two thousand years, playing a role in shaping some of the worlds history.

This is a journey that should be shared. Why?

A brew that is steeped from the leaf of a humble evergreen tree can calm your soul and awaken your spirit is powerful indeed.

When first discovered it was use mainly for health remedies, and an aid for lengthy meditations.

Later is was pressed into shapes and used as currency.

Thrown overboard into a harbour to protest taxation and a Revolution was started.

The demand was so great that the British caused a nations addiction to opiates, so they could get their silver back to buy more.

And at the same time in order to avoid taxation it was smuggled off the boats before reaching the harbor and sold to housewives in the dead of night. The risks were high, but they were willing to take it in order to have a cup each morning.

It sobered up the British Nation and staved off hunger fueling the working class.

Due to Britain enormous need, China was unable to keep up with the demand, so the British looked for another way to supply themselves with this commodity. This lead to the development of tea production in India.

Warm cup of tea

This simple brew steeped from a humble leaf has touched so many lives.

This one beverage has pulled nations apart and then with its wonderful steamy aroma brings people back to their senses. That is power indeed.

So set back and prepare for an armchair journey of the history of tea.

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