Loose Leaf Tea Or A Teabag. Which one?

Will you use loose leaf tea or go with a teabag for you next cup, which one will you choose? This is a question I am posing to you.

Today everybody is looking for ways to cut cost and still maintain their health. Then others are going more green with purchases. Or maybe you are trying to do all three. Does this sound like you? Whether it is or not, here is something to consider.

First, let me back up a little.

Since I have started my website on loose leaf, I've encountered a few comments as to how expensive buying loose leaf tea is. Well I beg to differ. Here's why. Most people will not bat an eye when picking up a box of tea bagged tea in their local grocery store.

Last time I was in the market I noticed a box of bagged tea that sounded like one that would be good to try. Yes I will at times drink a cup brewed from a teabag.

I looked at the price: 18 teabags for $7.99. Next to it I noticed a tin of tea: 7.5oz for $9.99. Which one do you think I bought?

If you guessed the tin of tea you are correct. Before I go into the why, please take a look at this video by The Tea Guy. After seeing this I have thought twice about purchasing bagged tea.

OK! What'd you think?

Hold that thought, more on that later. Let's break down the cost for what I was thinking about buying.

Here's a breakdown of the box I almost bought. Each 8oz cup would have cost me $.44; normally I drink two cups each morning. My cost would then be $.88 per day. Since a teabag is suppose to be used only once.

Now to the 7.5 oz tin, normally you will get up to 67 cups from 7.5oz of loose leaf tea. The cost per 8oz cup is...drum roll please...$.15 a cup, give or take a penny.

Both teas were found in a gourmet market, where prices can lean toward the high side. Still the better bargain was the loose leaf. Any by the way it was very tasty and thoroughly enjoyed each morning it was brewed.


If you would like to share your thoughts regarding loose leaf vs. teabags, feel free to comment below.

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