Morning Tea Time With The One I Love.

by Gail

I've always loved tea. Boxes of tea bags would spill out of the cupboards, irritating my husband each time he tried to find something.

Then I discovered how more intense the flavors of loose leaf are. Since then things have changed.

Now the cupboard is full of tins containing loose leaf tea. They don't fall out like the boxes did.

For years the coffee pot has had a prime spot on the kitchen counter. Now, a tea kettle
occupies that space.

Morning coffee has now turned into morning tea. This is the cherished moment of the day, for my husband and I. It is the only time of day that we have to talk and share before the hectic work day begans. I call it the calm before the storm.

Before tea it was grab a cup of Joe and rush out the door. Now it seems things have slowed down, tea is to be sipped, shared and enjoyed. That is what we now do, even if we only spend 20 minutes doing so each morning.

It helps to set the tone of the day, even when things get hectic, I don't feel like pulling my hair out.

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