Could Oolong Tea's Health
Benefits Improve Your Health?

The Chinese have long revered Oolong for its Health Benefits. There are many reasons why.

While Green tea has gained in popularity for its many health benefits, oolong should not be viewed different. There have been many studies done to solidify these benefits. But will it do what these studies say? 

All I can say is that tea is good for you and it taste good too.

Here my reasoning on it, for what it's worth. The Chinese have been drinking tea for centuries, many of them live long healthy lives.

But with anything you have to take in the whole picture. That is, their physical make-up, what food they consume on a daily basis, how active they are and the level of daily stress they deal with.

These are but a few things to consider, but let's get back to these lovely leaves.

What makes if different from all the others?

The way the leaves are oxidized. They are allowed to wither in the hot sun for a while, and then the leaves are tossed to produce a bruising.

This helps to release the oils to begin the oxidation. They can have an oxidation level of as little as 35% up to 80%. In order to stop the oxidation process the leave are then dried in a hot wok.

The Chinese will often drink it hot with a fatty meal or fried foods, believing that will cause your body to process the fat out of your body before it gets a chance to settled down somewhere. This might be the case.

I know in the past when I've had heavy fatty foods and drank a hot cup along with my meal; it has made me feel better. In any case this is the tea you most likely will drink in a Chinese Restaurant.

So What May Be The Benefits?

Could reduce the cholesterol found in your bloodstream.

Possibly help you body to burn fat, contributing to weight loss.

Could protect against osteoporosis by helping to build stronger bones.

May even cut down on cavities.

Stomach ailments may be settled by consuming a hot cup of Oolong.

At times Oolong has said to contribute to longer life and stronger immune system.

Have eczema? Drink 3 cups a day. Many have seen results in as little as 7 days.

Diabetic? Some have found this effective in controlling their blood sugar levels

Dealing with Stress on a daily basis?

There was a study done in Japan at the Osaka Institute for Health Care Science with mice. They had the mice drank the tea daily and they found the stress levels where reduce.

What Could Make All This Possible?

The leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant are full of vital minerals our bodies need to function properly. These include calcium, manganese, copper, carotene, potassium, selenium. Then there is vitamin A,B,C,E, and K.

They also contain Polyphenol. It's believed to activate an enzyme that helps dissolve triglycerides, helping you to maintain a healthy heart.

Are you ready to Give Oolong a Try? Here are a few favorite places to find it in loose leaf form.


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