Loose Leaf Oolong Tea - The Array of Flavors will Excite You.

Oolong Tea is one of my favorites…But as your loose leaf tea spy I don't want to sway you. I want to provide the information so you can make an informed decision. Then remember to create your own list of favorites by writing it down.

The Oolongs range of flavors and aromas are larger than most teas. The color varies from pale gold to dark amber.

Drink a lighter brew and experience a lightly scented garden of jasmine of lilacs.

A darker brew could transport you to Grandma's kitchen filled with the smell of a freshly baked peach pie. Yum!

Some can have a creamy feel, while others can be effervescent - almost fizzy.

Small leave now check out what happens during brewing

Drink a Brew That is neither Green or Black?

Oolong tea is a cross between a green and black tea.

Greens are not oxidized, whereas black are. This tea is semi-oxidized. The range is between 35% to 80% oxidation. This latitude allows tea makers to tweak the leaf, to say, allowing them to produce a product that is an expression of their style.

This process takes a greater number of steps than other loose leaves to produce a finished product. Making this a truly complicated brew to produce. In the end the care taken is worth it!

For me it only adds to the lure of this luscious drink.


The Diversed Appeal of Oolong Tea

This brew has a diverse appeal of richly rewarding flavors and aromas. You could taste a peach or apricot pie, or even honey. Maybe even a melon flavor.

On the other end of the spectrum, you could experience a leathery, amber or even a sandalwood flavor. These being more of a earthy flavor note.

The choices of pleasing your palate are wide open.

To top this off the finish of this rich brew can be long and sweet, with a mild astringency.

Now is your chance to venture out and discover your favorite Oolong Brew.

Remember choices can be endless but relax, when trying new teas always...always buy a small amount. If you like it, next time buy more, just not more than you can use in 6 months or less. Keep it fresh.

A great way to see what oolong you would like is to try a Oolong Sampler

Check out the brewing tips page. You will be surprised at how many infusions you can get out of a single batch of leaves!

Learn how many infusions you can get out of Brewing Oolong tea.

Find what kind of health benefits this tea has?

Find out about Taiwan oolong teas.

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