Pu-erh Tea Has Many Health Benefits!

The Chinese call Pu-erh Tea the Medicinal Tea, a Wonder Tonic. Its many health benefits are wide in range

So how can Pu-erh benefit you?

Let's say for example you are out at your favorite restaurant, and they serve this amazing Cheeseburger with the best French Fry’s ever. Should you? Do you dare? You may even want to wash it down with a great micro brewed beer.

Sounds like something I would do, how about you?

Thoughts of, this is really bad for me, my waistline, or what about my cholesterol? What if I have one too many beers?

Things to Ponder, Are They Not?

Studies have shown that Pu-erh has been known to break down the oily fat in foods after you have ingested them. It is also great in reviving those intoxicated with alcohol.

Now this is not an excuse to go out on a night of bingeing and consumption of fatty foods.

But if you do maybe by drinking Pu-erh on a regular basis, you could keep your heart healthy?

The Chinese believe that long term consumption of Pu-erh Tea will reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

The leaves use in making Pu-erh come from wild old tea trees. It is believed these leaves contain strong Qi, the Chinese word for life energy, which improving the bodies blood circulation. This also helps in the removal of toxins from the blood stream.

Many of the studies done have not been on a long term basis. Given that the Chinese have drank this for centuries and have a lower rate of heart disease, may be enough for many of us?

Listed below are a few more good health reasons to give Pu-erh Tea a go.

For example:


Prevention of heart disease and cancer

Diabetic Control

Removal of Toxins

Curing Dysentery


Aiding Digestion

Weight Loss

Improving eyesight


There was also some research done by a Dr Kenneth Mukamal, he lead a study using Yunnan Puerh tea. This study was in relation to the heart. It was published in the American Heart Associations’ journal of May 2002.

Basically what he found was that regular daily consumption of tea (that is two or more cups a day), caused these people to have a 44% lower death rate following a heart attack. This was compared to non-tea drinkers. Researchers believed it has something to do with the flavonoids (antioxidants) that protected the heart by relaxing the blood vessels so blood could flow easily.

Evidence also suggests that these flavonoids could prevent LDL cholesterol from becoming really bad. LDL being the bad cholesterol.

These are but a few examples of the health benefits of Pu-erh Tea. It couldn’t hurt to try especially if you already enjoy tea.

Here are a few places to go and find some Pu-erh Teas to sample and enjoy.

Got Pu-erh?

You can order it from Generation Tea.

Art of Tea has a great Wild Arbor Pu-Erh Beeng Cake

From California Tea House try the Bird's Nest Pu-Erh

Yixing Teapot are the best way to brew your Pu-erh. Check out a few here at the yixing teapot page.

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