Is The Puerh You Are
Buying The Real Thing?

Buying a Puerh? You'll need these buying tips. Here's why?

With the interest in Pureh tea growing, demand tends to go up. If supple falls below demand you could come across merchants who unknowingly and knowingly selling imitation Puerh.

So the best way to insure the best purchase possible is to arm yourself with knowledge.

So, if buying your pureh through a trusted website or at your favorite tea merchant, these tips will come in handy.

Puerh Tea Cake

Here are a few tips to help in your purchase.

1) The Wrapper...this is usually a thin cotton cloth or cotton paper. I should have the tea companies name on it along with the year of production, region of harvested leaves and plant type, along with the recipe number. Sometimes it will be wrapped twice.

2) One other proof or possible sign of authenticity is a small ticket embedded into the cake at time of pressing. There may be more than one inside the cake. This ticket should have the factory and brand on it.

3) Sometimes you may find a larger description ticket or flyer packaged loose under the wrapper. This is to insure the identity and should have the factory name on it.

4) Recently there are some factories that have begun micro printing and embossing their tickets to slow down the counterfeiting of Pu-erh teas found in today’s marketplaces.

Be adventurous...try something new a tea brewed from a piece of cake!

A few website I have found to be reputable.

Discover the best in Pu-erh tea.

1960's Guang Yun Beeng Cha Pu-erh Tea - 350g - High End Pu-erh Teas

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