Tea Review of Rishi Organic China Breakfast

This is an Organic, Fair Trade Certified Black Tea called China Breakfast from Rishi.

What makes this so unique is the fact that this is a Breakfast Tea make from a single leaf. Most such as English, Irish, and Scottish Breakfast Teas are from blends. The leaves come from different regions and depending what brand your purchase can be a very low-quality leaf.

Now to the Flavor Profile

When I first opened to the tin I could smell cocoa, with malty notes. After taking my first sip, I found the liquor to have an unexpected sweetness that was very satisfying. Most Black brews find me reaching for a little sugar and milk, this one I did not.

Although this brew does stand up will to a little milk and sugar.

The smoothness that comes from this malty full bodied tea was pleasing. Sorry that I only bought one can.

Here is a little more background information on this great loose leaf.

This great little brew was developed in the Yunnan Province of china, which is located in the lower southwest region of China. The Chinese have a name for this leaf: Dian Hong, meaning Yunnan Red. This leaf makes for a great bold flavor that will convert any coffee drinker to give up at least a morning or two for this great cup. It's worth a try.

The other thing that is great about this brew is that it is a certified Fair Trade product is that you will be helping to give a better life to a true tea artisan. If you want to learn more about this go to www.fairtradecertified.org.

If you want to give this great loose leaf tea a try here's how. 

Rishi Tea - Org Black Tea China Breakfast, 2.8 oz loose leaf tea

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