Rooibos Tea or Honey Bush A Loose
Leaf...Worth Looking Into!

Rooibos Tea is from a bush that grows in South Africa. This loose leaf is also known as Honey Bush, Bushman's and Massi Tea. The reddish leaves of this bush are what gives the brew its reddish liquor.

This unique bush grows in South Africa, in the Cederburg region of the Western Cape, along the Limestone slopes of the Cederburg Mountians.

What Makes This Drink So Special

These leaves have a high level of mineral substances and flavanoids. This is an Herbal brew so it's caffeine free. Drink this in the evening and fall asleep like a baby.

The amazing thing about Rooibos is that all can enjoy this tea...from the elderly to young children.

It has also been known to help with allergies, nausea, and sleepless nights. So if you need a healthy way to relax, try a cup of this delightful red brew after a stressfull day.

Rooibos tea can be a wonderful addition to your loose leaf tea collection. Discover the wonders of this red brew for yourself along with its many benefits.

A Little History on Rooibos Tea.

Botanist from 1770 recorded that the natives of South Africa had been drinking this red brew for many years, but not too much was done with this information.

Later the Dutch while living in South Africa started using this tea as a replacement for their beloved black tea which was not always easy to get.

Later it was the son of a tea merchant in the early 20th century that came up with the idea to cultivate and market this delicious beverage. Popularity grew across Africa, then into Europe and over into America. Today some tea shops and tea websites carry Rooibos.

Give this red brew a try either hot or cold for a refreshing decaffeinated drink. Just like herbals these red leaves are mixed with different fruit flavors along with vanilla, cinnamon, mint or even ginger.


Find you favorites...A great way is to try different types of Rooibos buying in small amounts. That way if you find one you do not like, your not stuck with wondering what to do with the rest.

Adagio does this for you in one complete package. Worthy of a try if you've never had Rooibos.

Easy how to approach to brewing rooibos.