Best Way to Simple
Store Your Green Tea

Finding the best way to store your green tea does not have to be complicated. When purchasing a good quality loose leaf, you want to get your monies worth. Storage is key to keeping it as fresh as the day you bought it.

The best storage containers for your loose leaf is either a metal ceramic, or wood. They need to have a rubber gasket to keep moisture out.

If you choose a wooden container to put your loose leaf in just make sure to label so you do not put any other type of leaf in it. Wood will absorb flavors and transfer those flavors to any new teas you may put in this container.

Here are a few important tips to keep in mind
when storing green loose leaf.

Even through you have stored you leaf in an air tight container does not mean that moisture will stay out.

The tea itself still has some moisture content. What could cause moisture to build in a sealed container? Here's how.

Not a good idea to put your loose leaf on a high self in your kitchen or anywhere. Heat rises and this can cause dampness to form in any container due to temperature changes.

Avoid any heat source, like storing next to your stove, toaster oven or even on your countertop over your dishwasher. All these can cause moisture issues and lose of flavor due to temperature changes.

Next thing to remember in storing green tea is that if kept for more than six months you may find that the flavor may change and get weak.

Avoid putting these in cupboards where they could get shoved to the back and forgotten. You may find that getting sticky notes and putting them on the outside of the container with the date you purchase could avoid this?

One last tip. Very important to keep Green Tea away from strong flavors or even strong aroma teas. Sometimes even in a sealed container these teas still can pick-up and absorb these flavors.

Here are a few containers that could work well to store your green tea in.

If you are looking for a Ceramic contianer? These one works well, it is an Oggi EZ Grip Tea Canister, Black

Or try this cute one. Charlotte Watson Small Tea Canister in Cream

If Ceramic is not you style you might want to try metal tea containers.

This is a great one for storing tea, you can force the air out of the canister. Planetary Design Airscape 64oz Chrome

Always take the time to enjoy a great cup of tea.More on best ways to store tea.

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