Storing Brewed Leaves To Be Rebrewed Later

What should you do with the loose leaf tea that you brewed one time but will brew again later in the day?

Very good question. I do this a lot. No matter what you use to brew your tea in, be it a press pot, teapot or other brewing device, this is what you do.

Let the brewing device cool down a bit and simple place it into the refrigerator. The key is not to forget it for too long. I sometime brew a small pot in the morning, then return later in the day to rebrew them. I have even waited until the next morning to rebrew.

One thing to keep in mind, depending on the device you are using you need to be careful as to how cold the press pot, teapot especially ceramic and glass is before pouring water over the leaves. You could run the risk of cracking your favorite brewer.

This is a simple fix. Just remove the brewer from the fridge and place it near the water kettle so that it catches come of the heat as the water is warming up. Before filling make sure the brewer has warm up enough so as not to break it.

Remeber to alway take the time to enjoy a great cup of tea.

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