Taiwan Formosa Loose Leaf Oolong Tea,
Taste Why This Is The Best?

Taiwan is considered to produce some of the best Oolong Tea. To get the maximum flavor you need to go with loose leaf.

Why is it the best?

It is the growing conditions. The terrain and climate is conducive to growing a high quality leaf. A good portion of the island is forested mountains and some of the oolongs produced are from mountain grown tea trees.

When you drink an these oolongs it is reflective of the unique history of the people along with the climate of this gem of an island.

Check out the videos below and see what a slightly twisted long leaf looks like dry and after it has been steeped

Three shapes that characterize these leaves.

There are the tight balls, loose half balls, long and slightly twisted.

If you prefer a lighter tasting oolong choose the semi-rolled half balls. They are sweet and refreshing with floral notes. These do not age well and well need to be drank soon after purchase.

The tighter rolled balls are roasted more. They tended to be more mature and earthier in flavor. Honey and stone fruit taste come through when tasting these teas. These can also be kept longer and maintain its great flavor profile.

Long and slightly twisted leaves are identified by there opened curled appearance. These can have a sweet flavor that can be refreshing either hot or iced down on a warm day.

Try these twisted leaves from Taiwan

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