A Tea Glossary For
Understanding Tea Terms

Are you new to loose leaf? This tea glossary will help you to understand the terms and definitions used in understanding loose leaf teas.

Have you ever been at a loss of words when it came to describing the essence of a tea?

Did you ever struggle to find the right words to impart what your tasting?

What is it to describe the body of a tea?

Astringency, how does that play into the tasting?

Just like with wine tasting or even coffee tasters, each have their own vocabulary to help describe what they are tasting and seeing.

Assam Black Tea

Why Is This Important

Say you are looking to buy some loose leaf from a website, unfortunately computers cannot impart to you what the tea smells like. There is no such thing as smell-a-vision. But I do wish there was, wouldn't that be so cool. The fact is we don't, so we have to rely on words to impart a sense of what the product will smell, taste and look like.

Many loose leaf tea websites do have very good description of what the product will be. So you need to know what the terms are so that you can fully understand what you are reading in relation to the product you looking to put into your online shopping cart.

For example when you see a description with the words: Attractive, Dusty, Bright, Coppery or even Astringency, it would be good to know how this relates to tea leaves.

Here is a list of terms that refer to the leaves before they are a steeped.

Tea Glossary for Definitions on Dry Leaf

Adhesive: Leaves that tend to cling together when they are picked up.

Attractive: The leaves are uniform in size, color and texture. Make of a well made tea.

Bloom: The luster of a leaf, showing the care of sorting and handling.

Clean: Seeing that the leaf is free of debris, excess dust, and odd-sized particulates.

Dull: Lacking a luster called bloom.

Golden Tip: This is an indication of a fine pluck when the leaf has a golden tip. Be careful not all teas have a

a this. Some add these in.

Leafy: The leaves are larger than average. Many times referring to Oolongs.

Leggy: A long and lean tea leaf.

Musty: This can be positive smell if referring to Pu-erhs or Oolongs.

Tippy: Tea with more leaf tip that can produce a more flavorful brew.

Well-twisted: This means that the leaf was rolled. If is has a twist it's well-rolled.

This is just a few of the terms that describe dry leaf. You can use this information when purchasing you next loose leaf from on online.

Take a moment to enjoy a good cup of tea.

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