Host A Themed Tea Party For Children It's Easy.

A tea party for children can be a delight for Mom as well as to the kids themselves. It can be a chance to play dress-up or acting out a part from a much loved book or movie.

The possibilities are endless as your imagination; better yet ask your child what they would like to do? You may be surprised at their response.

This type of party could be a great place to teach little ones etiquette and manners. Make it a fun game of sorts.

Before the party starts explain what one needs to say when dining with others like: "Please" and "Thank You".

Point out to them that when wanting something from the other side of the table simple say to the guest next to you, "Would you pass the cookies, please."

As you are giving examples of what manners are, make it fun; go over the top a bit. When making it fun for the kids they are more likely to use these proper manners.

Once you decide on the theme the rest should fall into place. Kids are not fussy, just remember to make it fun and be flexible.

Having a back-up plan would be very good idea. Say you plan on having it outside, and it rains, make sure you have a plan to quickly move inside, you never know.

Teddy Bears Party

Tea Party Theme Ideas

There are plenty of ideas for throwing a themed tea party for your daughter or son, yes the little guys can take part in tea parties too.

For example: Teddy Bears Galore, Princess Party, (boys may not like this one), Mommy and Me Time, Victorian, Alice and the Mad Hatter.

There are many more ideas for a themed party just by searching the internet.

If the boys want to be a part of it, a Peter Pan theme along with pirates could be an option.

Have a Dress Up Party, girls as well as boys enjoy dressing up and pretending to be their favorite princess or hero.

The best places to acquire these items are resale shops, discount stores. Keep it simple and inexpensive, Or.

On the invite state it will be a dress-up event, and have your guest arrive in costume.

So your little guest have memories of their event, take pictures of the dressed up guests and send these home with them as keepsakes.

Wooden faced bear

The Food and Drink.

Keep in mind the theme of your tea party and plan accordingly.

For a savory selection, make little crust less sandwiches, use cookie cutters to make different shapes. Choose a filling that will be liked by your little guest.

For a sweet selection, cookies, biscuits, little cupcakes or fruit tarts.

The tea can be served hot or cold. Fruity herbals may be best. If serving a hot black or green tea serve it with a lot of milk and a little sugar

Things To Do

Have a few crafts to do: princess party’s guest can make a tiara, or purchase beads so each guest can make a bracelet to take home.

Games could include a dance event, board games, or puzzles appropriate for the age of your guests. Have small gifts to give to those who perform well. In the end it might be a good idea to have enough gifts to give to your entire little guest before they leave.

The party itself does not have to be long. Short is often best, you could end the party with reading a tea book

to your guest before they leave.

The important thing is for them to have fun.

If you want to throw a victorian tea party ,here are some ideas.

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