Each Tea Region Imparts Flavor Into Your Cup.

Tea is grown in more than 55 countries

The most flavorsome brews come from these tea region of: China, India, Java, Kenya, Sir Lanka and Taiwan. These teas deliver rich flavors and enticing aromas.

Production is also carried out on a smaller scale in these countries: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Ecuador, England, Papua New Guinea, and Republic of Georgia.

There are two places in the United States that also grows tea. One is Hawaii, and the other is on an island called Wadmalaw Island in South Carolina.

Amazingly all these places around the globe grow bushes from the same species called Camellia sinensis. Basically tea comes from an evergreen bush. The leaves are serrated and have a dark green glossy appearance.

From this one species of Camellia sinensis are 3 primary origin-specific bushes. They are called China, Assam and Java bushes. Every tea producing country picks its leaves from one of these 3 varieties that has adapted to the region of each country.

One of the factors that play a large part is what makes tea so great is the soil it is grown in. The French word is Terroir. "It is the environment in which a particular wine (or in this case a tea bush) is produced, including factors such as the soil, topography and climate." As quoted from the Oxford Dictionary of English.

In addition to the soil, topography and climate, there are other factors involved. The way the bushes are pruned, when the leaves are picked and how they are plucked from the bush. These all play a part in how the tea is going to taste when you brew it.

Weather also plays a big part especially what season it is, at the time the leaves are plucked, even what time of day they are harvested.

Then more importantly how the leaves are manufactured. This also plays a part in how well the final product turns out. Skilled tea artisan with care develop the leaves into tea.

All of this adds up to make one amazing cup of tea. In some cases the cup you are drinking right now will not be the same next year due to these variables. So slow down, settle into that comfy chair and let the brew in your cup take you to far away places.

Be adventuress even if you only make it down to your favorite tea merchant, and take the opportunity to taste some amazing teas

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