Tea Reviews: Simple Written For You

 This is your portal for reviews of loose leaf teas.

With the many different types available it can make the task of choosing seem a bit overwhelming, or not.

I hope these reviews will make the task a little easier for you when you go to choose a new one to try.

Many being reviewed are loose leaf teas that I have purchased myself, this is so that I can give my honest opinion on the brews that I am tasting.

What my goal as a Reviewer is.

If you've ever had a chance to go to a tasting you may have heard terms unfamilar to you. These may have sounded very strange to you. So if you want a little clarity, you've come to the right place. Want a simple easy to understand review?

That's what I would like to do through each of my personal tastings. Then write about them in simple english, no fancy words involved.

The point of view will be from myself and my husband.

We often enjoy a cup together. So I will be adding his point of view along with mine, whenever possible.

I will endeavor to convey to everyone what each new brew I access tastes like. Some may even include what type of foods we enjoyed with each brew.

Remember to always take a few moments to unwind and enjoy a hot cuppa.

If you would like us to taste and access a loose leaf tea from a company you work for just let us know by contacting us here.

I can not guarantee that a review will show up. I do not like to give bad reviews are lie about a brew that I've tasted. Then again there are very few brews I dislike.


Delicious Greens
Gunpowder Green From Adagio

 Breakfast Blends

Scottish Breakfast from Taylors of Harrogate

Black Loose Leaf Teas

Adagio Assam Melody

Adagio Golden Monkey

Rishi Organic China Breakfast

Rooibos, Honey Bush

Rooibos Herbal from Adagio

Flavored Blends

Adagio Pumpkin Spiced Black

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