Tea Tasting Glossary
To Enhance Your Experiance!

Tea Tasting also has its own terminology.

This may seem like a vocabulary trip, "didn't you just love the list of words given to you to do as homework". NO!

Don’t worry, these you don't have to look the tea terms up, my tea tasting glossary has the definitions for you.

So are you ready to taste? Here's what to keep in mind. It takes your taste buds and your sense of smell to discern the flavors.

So take the time to look and smell the dry leaves before and after you brew. By smelling the brewed leaves you will notice a difference.

When a professional tea taster tastes, they slurp and quickly swish it around their mouth. By doing this, they get a sense of the flavors and body. Professional tasters spit it out. You don't have to, just sit back and enjoy.

You can use this glossary to impress your friends with what you know, by telling them these techniques along with what the terms are as you talk about the aroma and liquor.

Learning these tea terms can only add to the tasting experience. Examine the leaves and liquor to see if they fit into any of the descriptions below.

Tea Tasting Glossary.

Aroma: This is the scent that is released from the the leaves during the brewing process. Breathe deeply and see where the smells transport you.

Astringency: This is the drying effect that is felt inside your mouth, this effect can be thirst-quenching and satisfyingly stimulating all at the same time.

Biscuity: This is associated with Assam Black Teas and can reminded you of fresh baked bread.

Body: This is how the tea feels in your mouth. Is it light, medium or heavy feeling on your tongue? In time you will be able to discern from what region a tea came from just by the mouth feel.

Brisk: This means it has the right amount of astringency, stimulating to the tongue. This is the sign of a very well made tea.

Character: When a tea has a distinct taste and quality. This helps to determine the region it was grown in.

Color: Each type-of-tea has a distinct color. The type brewed and region it was grown in plays a big part in the resulting shade and liquor color.

Coppery: Specific to a Black Tea possessing a depth of color of red, copper or a very dark red. An indication of a full bodied taste, but not always.

Dull: A liquor that lacks a bright character, on the muddy side. The taste can even be flat.

Earthy Positive or negative meaning associated with brewing leaves. Positive when referring to fine greens, oolongs, or pu-erh. Can also referred to improper storage of leaves.

Fruity or Stone Fruit: Fruity can be a negative, unless you are drinking a Oolongs. Then you use the Stone Fruit term. A positive description of Oolongs describing their aromatic qualities.

Light: A minimal amount of body. On hand Darjeeling’s can be light in color and still have a great flavor.

Malty: Pleasant flavor many times associated with beer. Often this malted barley taste is found in Assam Teas.

Mellow: Well mature leaves that produce a mellow tasting tea.

Muscatel: A grapey taste, associated with Darjeeling’s. Often called the Champagne of Tea.

Pointy: Also has a positive or negative reference. Ceylon’s have brightness an acidity level referred to as pointy. Negative use is when a tea has an off-putting sharpness.

Weedy : An undesirable grassy taste sometime found in White, oolong, or black teas. You want this in green teas and pu-erh's.

Woody : Referred to as a brew that has a sawdust taste, not pleasant.

These are a few of the tea terms used when tasting teas.

It's always fun to impress friends with knowledge on something your passionate about. Drinking Tea should be a time to relax, reflect and connect with friends.

Please use this tea glossary to help your make an informed decision when buying a New Loose Leaf to try


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Here are more tea terms.

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