Tea Pot and Tea Cup, Oh, My!
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Drinking tea is relaxing. Having the right tea wares is essential.

When purchasing a new tea pot or tea cup remember, it is a personal thing. It reflects who you are and at the same time enhances your tea experience.

To make a pot of tea you will need a kettle to heat your water and a brewing vessel to steep the leaves. I prefer a press pot. Surprised? They're not just for coffee, really.

Why do I prefer a press pot?

Here's why. When brewing loose leaf it needs room. Using a press pot allows the leaf to fully open

up, letting the water touch every part of the leaf releases its full flavor potential. This gives you the best in taste.

A Little Teawares History

As you read the history of Chinese's tea you will see how greatly they influenced the way we prepare tea. Even today the basic steps have changed very little.

green tea

In the beginning the Chinese brewed their tea leaves in an open pot. The tea was then ladled into bowls to drink from.

Later they found that by covering the leaves while steeping enhanced the depth of flavor. Thus the little tea pot came to be.

These little tea pots later were introduced to the English. This was done when the Chinese exported the tea. They would place them into the boxes of loose leaf tea to give the box a little weight.

The English loved these items and used them. Due to growing demand they began to adapt and make the tea pots themselves. These tended to be larger than the ones the Chinese made, but still served their purpose.

As to cups, the English modified the coffee cup by moving the handle farther up the cup. This was due to the English liking their tea hot and found the bowl to be to warm to hold. Thus the tea cup was born.

What To Brew Your Leaves In?

Years ago tea was brewed right in the tea pot itself, when served the tea was poured through a strainer right into your cup.

Today our pots come with a built in strainer that can be removed before serving the tea. Personally I prefer the press pot that many use for making coffee. Why?

Many of the tea leaves can become quite large as they rehydrate; the press pot allows this to happen. If the leaves have room to expand, this will enabling them to release their full flavor potential.

If making more than one cup, I will pre-warm a tea pot and pour the tea into it so as to stop the steeping.

There are so many teawares to choose from, and I have found many web sites to acquire these items. So this is your chance to get comfortable with a cup of tea and browse the web?

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