The Search For Your Favorite
Types of Tea Has Begun...Enjoy!

With so many different types of tea to choose from, it can make your head spin.

Making a choice among the many varieties of loose leaf tea can seem difficult. Rest assured all you need to do is become familiar with some basics.

As your Loose Leaf Tea Spy, my goal is to provide information that will help guide you. So you can discover on your own what type of tea will be your favorite...

So let's discover how a leaf of the camellia sinensis plant can become your favorite drink!

Here is your opportunity to discover your favorite leafy brew.

From Fresh Leaves to Exquisite Teas

Before the leaves ever reach a tea shop, they have already been through 8 steps of processing listed below;

1 Plucking
2 Sorting
3 Cleaning
4 Primary drying/withering<br>
5 Specific processing of different classes of tea
(green, yellow, white, oolong, black and pu-erh)<br>
6 Final Firing/Drying
7 Sorting
8 Packing

Amazing thing about this whole process is...

Many of the loose leaf teas you buy today are still very much hands on.
People walking through the gardens hand-picking the right leaves at the right time, to make your favorite tea.

Since all tea is essentially from the one plant "camellia sinensis" - where do all the types of tea come from?

Simply in the way it is processed. Remember the 8 steps? The 5th step is what determines what type of tea the leaf becomes even then the results can vary.

Making a specific type of tea is many times achievable, but to make it exactly the same each time...goes against nature...Mother Nature.

This is what makes it so unique, things like weather conditions has much to do with how the leaf will taste each year. Much like growing grapes to make wine.

Therein is the challenge of the 5th step of processing. Each season's crop is subject to weather conditions.

This can cause your favorite blend of loose leaf tea to vary in taste from year to year.

To me that is what makes drinking loose leaf tea so intriguing.

So join me and discover what type of tea you prefer. It could be a loose leaf black, green, oolong or white tea? Don't
stop with these four types, be willing to explore and discover new teas.

Just click on the type of tea you want to learn more about, and <b>excite your tastebuds...


Types of Tea Loose Leaf

There are many books available on the subject of tea.

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