Loose Leaf White Tea
A Discovery For Your Taste Buds!

A true loose leaf White Tea consist of only the tender unopened budsets of a particular variety of the camellia sinensis plant. These plants are grown in the Fujian Province on the East Coast of China. The buds are picked in the early spring before they develop into a leaf.

The flavor of this light color beverage is sweet like honey, or even peaches. It can also have a floral flavor. In general, it is smooth and mellow due to its light oxidation process.

loose leaf white tea

Three Types of White

There are three types of White Tea offered in today’s market:

1. The traditional budset white from the Fujian Province in China.
2. The new-style leaf from many different sources, including the Fujian Province.
3. The traditional-style budset from the Anhui Province in China and from India's gardens as well.

When buying a White Tea the merchant should always be able to tell you:

1.What style of White it is.
2.Its place of origin.

If the merchant is unable to inform you of these things...Buyer Beware!

The Budset White

The budset Whites can be expensive considering it can run $70.00 per pound. But...Think what a cup would cost?

Here it is...Breaking it down to a cup and the small amount it would take will run you about 15 cents per cup. Surprised!

Here's another secret - The leaves of the loose leaf White can be re-brewed several times. If the first cup cost .15, then the second would be 7.5 cents, third cup would be .5 cents. Get the picture...

So buy a small 50g bag and give your taste buds something new.

Oh, by the way 50g of White will have to be bagged in a 250g bag. The reason the leaves are fuller and lighter. So it looks like your getting a lot for your dollar. Just thought I'd let you know!

With the introduction of the new-style leaf white, growers are able to produce more of this loose leaf for the Market. It will cost a third less than the true budset. This will give tea enthusiast more of a chance to experience the sweet subtle flavor it has to offer.

Intriguing...So go explore, expose those taste buds to the flavor of Whites to tantalize your senses.

Best way to explore is through a White Sampler


How to Brew White Tea