Yellow Tea - Taste the Best of Four Worlds.

Yellow tea has the sweetness of the White, with the vegetable flavor of the Greens. The aromas of the Oolong,and a soft astringent bite of the blacks. Hence, the four worlds of tea in one cup.

One problem.

They are hard to find, but don't panic. This world of yellow is growing, so if you find one make sure it is from a reputable tea merchant. There are alot of greens being passed off as yellow, so know who you are buying from.

loose leaf yellow

The Men Huan Step to Making Yellows

Yellow has many things in common with green. The process of production is basically the same, up to the point of the initial firing.

The addition step is called Men Huan - the yellow leaf is lightly and slowly steamed. After which it is covered with a cloth. This allows the leaves to reabsorb their own aromatics.

These leaves can be covered for up to a few hours to several days. This causes the fragrance and sweetness to increase.

The Chemistry is Changed

This one step in the process changes the chemistry of the leaves, giving the tea a distinctive flavor.

Strong astringency is rare.

This is due to the leaves being covered during the Men Huan step. This step also results in a mesmerizing yellow gold liquor. The flavors of topical and stone fruit flavors will fill your mouth.

This is your chance to explore this golden brew. So brew-up a delicious cup and enjoy.

How to Brew Yellow Tea