Add A Unique Chinese Yixing Teapot to Your Collection.

Investigate the Chinese Yixing Teapot if you are looking for something unique and organic to serve your tea in.

Why is it unique? It is the clay that each piece is made from. It is a purple clay also called Zisha found in the Eastern Chinese province of Jiangsu.

The teapots made with this clay are left unglazed, this allows the inside of the vessel to absorb traces of the tea.

This is the reason yixing tea ware should never be washed with a detergent, use water only.

This is way if you own one never brew different types of tea in the one vessal. Each time you use these little teapots to brew you favorite tea in, the layers of flavor will only enrich the flavor of your tea.

If you like to drink more than one type of tea and want to use these little vessels for brewing, it's a good idea to purchase one for each type you’d like to drink.

Imagine the depth of flavor building on the inside of the teapots being transferred into your tea. Yum!

Below are a few places you can find these teapots.

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